People who go to another country willingly make an unspoken agreement to become strangers.  They move away from the place where they are known and loved–where if they were to die or win the lottery, someone would care–and instead, decide to start again. Be born again. Many aspects of their lives become a tabula rasa.

I am Patricia Lalisan. I am a Filipina, and I have decided to become a stranger.

Right now, I am in Brno, a city in the Czech Republic, under an AIESEC internship helped along by AIESEC Brno. I will be working in an IT company here for 6 months–maybe more, if I decide to stay.

This blog is to document the transition of how I change from being such just another stranger in the Czech Republic–to being someone a little bit more significant to those around me.

My first night in Brno (in my room’s balcony)

Posted by:trishlalisan

Frequent flyer. Customer marketer. Social media monster. Third-culture kid. Filipino martial artist. fangirl.

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