A lot can happen in a year, if one is determined to make life eventful. In spite of everything I’ve went through, I seem to have gone full circle.

Last November 2010, I was taking my solo trip to Bratislava (which you can read here and here), consumed by fear and despair because I had been anxiously wondering where January would take me. After half a year in Europe, I worried about returning to the Philippines, jobless and not-quite-but-still a fresh graduate. I was furiously writing my feelings at a single table in my hostel, pushing my mopey dramatics to the maximum level.

Now, I’m once again sitting  in a hostel, alone in Kuala Lumpur, typing this. In front of me, a Malay couple flirts with each other. He teases, and she affectionately slaps him on the shoulder. Backpackers with wind-tousled hair check-in at the reception, their massive bags towering over their frames. A blonde tourist walks sleepily though the courtyard where I sit with my laptop, still in her night clothes, though it’s mid-afternoon.

This is my last day in the country, after arriving last Wednesday for a company event, held in Shangri-La KL. On Friday, as my colleagues flew back to Singapore, I remained to indulge in travel. From staying at an outrageously beautiful five-star hotel, I moved to a hostel called Reggae Mansion, highly rated at 94% positive reviews in Hostelworld.com.

Reggae Mansion is a wonderfully vibrant place. Located in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, it’s conveniently set near the LRT station Masjid Jamek, and a handful of other notable sights. Not only does it satisfy the usual requirements of a top hostel (clean sheets and towels, hot water, yummy food, great people, exceptional security, nightlife), it also goes the extra mile – but more about that in my next post.

Lobby of Reggae Mansion, Kuala Lumpur


Yes, a lot can happen in a week, much more a year, but I’ve been quite hesitant to document in these developments in my blog. As a person now dealing with social media on behalf of the company I work for, I’ve been extra-cautious now about what I allow to go online. While this has been correct behavior in a number of ways, I’ve failed to write down many experiences, thoughts, and feelings because of my mistake in being too conservative.

Not anymore, perhaps.

I’m once again at a crossroad–next week, I will know whether my company will keep me after my contract expires this December. I pray for good news–I seem to have done well enough for them, but I had felt the same for my previous company. They’ve told me several times that they intended to keep me, but greater movements within the company have left me uncertain.

So, I’m having my hostel thoughts once more–travel-induced reflection on where I’m heading.

I’ll tell you about exploring Kuala Lumpur next time.

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Frequent flyer. Customer marketer. Social media monster. Third-culture kid. Filipino martial artist. WordPress.com fangirl.

2 replies on “Hostel Thoughts

  1. Wishing you all the best, my dear! I’m so envious of all your adventures! Regardless of where life takes you next, I’m sure the journey has been worthwhile. Good luck! 😉

  2. aww Trish. I so miss your posts. i know how you feel. As a person who just submitted my dissertation, I do feel that i am back to square one… a ‘fresh graduate’ that’s not so fresh. I have decided to quit everything I have for a new chapter. I am not sure that I have done the right thing. But I did realise that I got sidetracked. Where were the daytrips outside London? What happened to the plans I had that involved visiting debt-laden Greece? So I have to take the risk. Move out again and explore.

    So now, we await. economies worldwide are still shaky…. especially in the West. I dont really expect companies to hire eager, diligent, and naive 22-year olds. Good luck in everything Trish. I hope our paths cross one day.


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