I’m in a new room in the dormitory in Brno. It’s much nicer (since it was cleaned before I came into it) and I’ve got a new Hungarian roommate called Maryann.

I went shopping for things for my new place in the famous Swedish home store called Ikea. I guess this was the advantage of my previous Polish roommate—she had everything, like pots, pans and utensils, since she took the previous semester in the university. This time, I had to start from scratch and purchase my own set of dishes, pans, knives, utensils, and the like. I spent around 1200 koruna, which is roughly 3000 pesos. I guess that isn’t too bad considering the amount of things I got.

I’m learning more things about the people around me and the language as well. And there really is a certain kind of brilliance from learning from one’s mistakes. Like today—I went into the wrong tram, and ended up in the wrong area. I went into an antique shop, and some kind lady pointed to the direction I should have gone.

Now, I know it is never wise to seem like a tourist (since you stick out like a sore thumb), but in a place like Brno, which is constantly flowing with backpackers, international students, and employees who are not native speakers of Czech, I’m not sure that being temporarily awkward is such a bad thing. After a month, I believe things will be much easier for me.

Map to Ikea

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