I was browsing through my company email inbox, and received yet another Czech message that I was about to ignore. It turned out that the latter half of the letter was in English, and it reminded me that I “only have 7 days to complete the course.” Stunned and worried, I was told that I had to complete exams of training soon.

I hurried to login to the site indicated and found out that I had to finish two modules of basic training: the first on Health and Safety, the second on Fire Safety. Each of the documents I had to study was 72 slides each, with cute little animations of Do’s and Don’ts.

Of course, to retain interest in those 72 pages, a beautiful model must be included.

I found it quite nice how all employees in Czech companies are required to undergo such an e-Learning course. Though the information may not be completely retained, I learned some pretty good trivia about the Czech business environment, such as the following facts:

  • An employer may ask from a negligent employee payment for damages up to four to five times the average monthly wage (but this does not apply to intoxication);
  • A Czech employee is obliged to undergo preventive examination, inspection or vaccination; and
  • Companies must have a “Fire Book,” which records all important information  related to fire protection (control activities, revisions, breaches of regulations, trainings, fires, etc.).

Also, once again, the Czech people inadvertently show their open-mindedness about tattoos.

I finished both modules within an hour, speed-reading and learning random things. After passing the exam, I had to print out official contracts verifying that I read through the course material and “graduated.”


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